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Testimonials / Testimoniales


"You have done some important thinking about the issues facing new arrivals"
Bill Clinton


"I applaud your efforts to help our Nation's immigrants assimilate into society"
Carlos Gutierrez, Secretary of State


"Your suggestions were greatly appreciated and will be forwarded to the Department of Education"
Phil Bredesen, Governor of Tennessee


"It is an excellent and useful product to the newest Nashvillians"

Michael Schoenfeld, Vice Chancellor Vanderbilt University

"Your manual appears to be written in a charitable spirit"
Cibele Delay, Deputy Assistant Attorney General


"It is truly a very valuable publication to the Spanish speaking immigrants"
Paul Gherman, Library Director, Vanderbilt University


"Congratulations on a job well done"
David Laubie, Vice President Bridgestone/Firestone


"It looks great"
Officer Juan Borges, Metro Nashville Police Department


"Great Publication and very much needed"
Ted Fisher, Department of Anthropology Vanderbilt University


"Your handbook is a very informative and invaluable manual"
Ana Escobar, Attorney


"It is very good.  What a great job!"
Mabel West, Interpreter


"Excellent tool for English language training"
Martha Newton, Director.  Office of Refugee Settlement, US Department of Health and Human Services


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